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Joey Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax For Big Four Metal Shows

Joey Belladonna Rejoins Anthrax For Big Four Metal Shows

Thrash metal fans can rejoice as Anthrax has announced yet another new lead singer. Anthrax will “Keep it in the Family,” as Joey Belladonna is back in Anthrax. Joey Belladonna is back in time for The Big Four tour that will pay homage to thrash metal by featuring Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth.

I have to admit that I was pretty stunned to read the news about Joey Belladonna being back in Anthrax. This is Belladonna’s third stint with the band after a relatively short second stint. Joey Belladonna will be the third singer in Anthrax in less than a year. Dan Nelson left the band in the middle of a tour last year. Former Anthrax singer John Bush came back for a few shows but never seemed to commit to the band. The return of Joey Belladonna is reported to be a permanent move that will give the band some much needed stability.

The return to Anthrax for Joey Belladonna couldn’t have come at a better time. Anthrax will be a part of The Big Four tour in Europe which will be a tribute to the four biggest thrash metal bands of all time in Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer. It was the Joey Belladonna era of Anthrax that most classic metal fans grew up on. The reunited Anthrax solidifies a night of classic thrash music the way metal fans like me remember it.

I saw Anthrax several times on the Persistence of Time tour. This was the last studio album Anthrax toured for with Joey Belladonna before he left the band. I don’t know what he sounds like today, but his voice live was even more powerful than the melodic metal vocals he produced in the studio. I did like the heavier edge that Anthrax took with John Bush, but there is something raw about the early Anthrax albums that haven’t been replicated in the studio since Persistence of Time in my opinion.

While Joey Belladonna wasn’t the first singer in Anthrax, yet most classic thrash fans remember him as the original. I think we all have memories of Belladonna in his long headdress in the Indians video that played weekly on MTV Headbanger’s Ball. With or without the Big Four tour, I would love to see Anthrax hit the road in America with Joey Belladonna back in the band. See them as quick as you can because knowing this band, he won’t stick around past Christmas.

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