Iron Maiden Track Pack Now on Rock Band

One of my favorite bands of all time is coming to Rock Band. Iron Maiden will have a tack pack available beginning today for Rock Band. 12 tracks will be available as a single pack or individual song download beginning today for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Rock Band tried something similar to this last year with Rock Band: AC/DC. The game featured an entire concert available to playin the game. This track pack will be a bit different. The Iron Maiden pack will mix live and studio recordings for play within the game.

As of now, my favorite of the music bunch is Guitar Hero: Metallica. None of the other games come close in terms of action, fun, and entertainment. To me, this track pack will rival the Metallica game. Granted there won’t be nearly as many tracks, but I can’t envision one boring moment playing along to the Iron Maiden track pack.

I hope this opens the doors back up for some more classic metal between both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Unfortunately it seems as if the music games are getting away from what brought them to the dance in favor or more pop or trendy songs. One could only hope that Slayer will tie something in with one of the games in conjunction with their new CD later this year.

The track listing is fantastic for the Iron Maiden pack. The entire track listing is…
• Aces High (live) – Flight 666 (2009)
• 2 Minutes to Midnight – Powerslave (1984)
• The Trooper – Piece of Mind (1983)
• Wasted Years – Somewhere in Time (1986)
• The Number of the Beast – The Number of the Beast (1982)
• Run to the Hills – The Number of the Beast (1982)
• Can I Play With Madness – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
• The Clairvoyant – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
• Powerslave – Powerslave (1984)
• Fear of the Dark (live) – Flight 666 (2009)
• Hallowed Be Thy Name (live) – Flight 666 (2009)
• Iron Maiden (live) – Flight 666 (2009)

I have never been a big fan of the singing in these games, but I am almost tempted to crank up the vocals in Aces High all the way to the end of Iron Maiden. The tracks will cost about $2 a piece with the entire track pack costing $19.99. Well worth the investment of fun that you will get out of this one.

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